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If you wanted an ideal example of ‘Before and after’ case, the city of Navsari would be an ideal example. Had you been to Navsari a couple of decades back, you would have got the impression of a typically lazy small town with the people content with whatever they had and scooters and buses rumbling through the narrow lanes across the city.

Collector & District Magistrate
Address: District Collector Office, Navsari
Email: collector-nav[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]in
Phone: 912637244999
Fax: 912637281540

Citizen's Call center - 155300   
Child Helpline - 1098   
Women Helpline - 1091   
Crime Stopper - 1090   
Commissioner of Rescue & Relief - 1070   

Circa 2021! You land up in Navsari and you will certainly beg to differ on the description given in the paragraph above. The scooters have now been replaced by Sedans and SUVs, while the narrow roads have given way to broader and well tarred ones. There has been a tremendous infrastructural makeover of Navsari over the past decade and a half. The image you will get now would be of an upcoming mega city with people aspiring to reach the sky and grab every opportunity they get to progress.

History of Navsari

Navsari, one of the oldest cities of Gujarat, has an inspiring history of over 2000 years. According to the Greek historical writings, a celebrated Egyptian astronomer and geographer named Ptolemy mentioned about Navsari's port in his book written about 1850 years ago (150 A.D.).

The geographic location he showed as Narispa, is in fact the Navsari of today. Navsari also has many other legends regarding its existence and the derivation of its name. The legends are related to various communities like the Chalukyas, Parsis, and Muslims who over the course of time had ruled the city.
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Geography of Navsari

Navsari is located on the western coast of India near the Arabian Sea on the southern coast of Gujarat. It is located 37 kilometers south of its twin city Surat which is a huge commercial center and a big hub for diamond trade. Navsari is located on the banks of the Purna River which empties into the Gulf of Khambhat after running its course. Navsari is also well connected to other cities of the state. It is 280 kilometers south of Ahmedabad, 170 kilometers south of Vadodara, and 37 kilometers south of Surat which are some of the major cities in Gujarat. It is well connected by rail, road and air. Read More........

Climate of Navsari

Navsari has a predominantly humid climate due to its close proximity to the sea. It has three seasons through the year which include the summers, Monsoons and the winter. Maximum temperature during summers goes upto 43 degrees, while the minimum temperature during the winters could well drop to less than 14 degrees. Navsari receives close to 50 inches of annual rainfall which may increase or decrease depending on the weather conditions. The fields here have black soils.

Economy of Navsari

The economy of Navsari is based on Textile, Diamond, Sugar and Agro industry. The textile market of Navsari is very well renowned across the state. However, it is more known for its agricultural aspect. Navsari is the largest producer of Chickoo in the state as well as the largest exporter of the same all over India. It is also the second largest producer of Mango in the state with a contribution of 17 percent as well as the second largest producer of Sugarcane in the state with a contribution of 12 percent.


Turmeric is the major spice crop of the city with 12 percent of the total state production. There also twenty – three medium and large scale industries present in Navsari with most of them belonging to mineral, salt, chemical and food and beverage sector.

Festivals in Navsari

Almost all the festivals celebrated across the country are celebrated with great delight in Navsari. The Navratri festival is one of the iconic festivals celebrated across the state as well as in Navsari. Other major festivals that get celebrated here include Diwali, Holi as well as Ganesh Chathurthi.

Food in Navsari

If you are a fan of the Gujarati cuisine, this is a must visit place for you. The enchanting flavours of Jalebis, Dhokla, Khaman, Patra and other such items would even make you eat up your fingers. The popularity of the Navsari Khaman is evident from the fact the one of the most iconic shops in the city ‘Sabras’ which opens at 8 in the morning, the items are sold out by the time the clock strikes 9. There are other popular restaurants in Navsari as well which include City Corner, Ramanand, Shagun as well as popular pizza outlets like US Pizza and Domino’s. The roadside food in Navsari is also extremely popular with many stalls dotting the landscape of Lunsikui, a posh locality of the city.

How to Reach Navsari

Navsari is well connected by road, rail and air. The nearest airport to Navsari is the Surat Airport which is about 40 kilometers away. In terms of rail, Navsari is a busy station on the Mumbai – Ahmedabad route with almost every major express / mail train having a halt here. It is a two and a half to four hour journey from Mumbai by train. Navsari falls on the Mumbai – Ahmedabad National Highway (NH – 8) and is a four to five hour drive from Mumbai.

Quick Facts on Navsari

Pin Code: 396445
STD Code: 02637
Time Zone: IST (+ 5.30 Hours)
Vehicle Registrations: GJ – 21
Languages Spoken: Gujarati, Hindi, English
Population: 1, 63,000 (2011)

With its location and proximity to prime cities in Gujarat, Navsari is a fast emerging hub for tourism in the state!
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