Public Utility and Services in Navsari

Navsari in South Gujarat is one of the fastest upcoming cities in the state. With its twin city Surat almost reaching saturation, commercial ventures are now fast turning their eyes towards this place. It is a win - win for both the cities as they are well connected and also are pretty close to each other. Basic amenities in Navsari are now easily available as well as various services like gas agencies, Aadhar card centers and banks are present here today.

Public Utility Services in Navsari

Here are some of the services that are available for the people of Navsari:

Aadhar Card Centres in Navsari

The Aadhar card has become the symbol of identity for the citizen of India. The process of issuing the cards to people is in full swing and as a result, there are many centres which are present in Navsari as well. These centres are open from Morning to Evening and in areas like Jalalpore, Gandevi and Chikhli as well.

Banks in Navsari

With the rise of commercial businesses in the city, the number of banks has also grown over the past decade. Here are some of the banks that have their branches here:
State Bank of India
Bank of India
Bank of Baroda
Punjab National Bank
Union Bank of India
Indusind Bank
Dena Bank
IDBI Bank and many others

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Banks in Navsari

Gymnasiums in Navsari

People are getting increasingly conscious of their fitness after every passing day. Hence to take care of their needs and demands and in order to keep them fit in these highly stressful times, gymnasiums have come up as a blessing from heaven. Navsari has its fair share of gymnasiums as well in areas like Dandi, Eru, Mariyampura and Lunsikui.

Hospitals in Navsari

A couple of decades ago, the lifecare facility in Navsari were extremely poor. Barring a few government run hospitals, there was nothing much to write home about. However, with the increase in infrastructure developments across the city over the course of time, finding a hospital in Navsari has become much easier. Hospitals like Yashfeen Hospitals, Yesha Superspeciality Hospital, Sushrusha Hospitals and many others are incharge of taking care of the lives of the people of Navsari today. Read More

Foreign Exchange in Navsari

Holidays are something everyone looks forward to and if the holiday is in a location across the seven seas, then nothing like it! Using Indian currency on foreign shores would make a fool out of you and hence the need for foreign exchange arises. Agencies like FRR Forex and Exxon Forex are some of the foreign exchange companies present in Navsari where you can carry out your transactions.

Courier Services in Navsari

You may now be wondering as to what the pigeons do in their past time nowadays since they have lost their job of delivering letters ever since the arrival of courier services. There are many courier services that are available in Navsari which deliver parcels not only within the state, but to other part of the country as well. Apart from local courier services, there are also foreign players like Blue Dart Express (Located in Kabilpore), DHL (Located opposite Parsi General Hospital) along with national agencies like The Professional Couriers (Located in Kansarwad, Mota Bazar), DTDC and Shree Mahavir Courier Services among others.

Gas Agencies in Navsari

Gas agencies are one of the service providers in Navsari that are in constant demand throughout the year as the people there are big time foodies! Many gas agencies like GSPC (Dudhiya Talav Road), Mehul Gas (Khatriwad), Navsari Gas Company (Dhobiwad) and Pardiwala Gas Agency (Sandhkuwa) are a few among many others who are taking care of this demand of the public.

Transport in Navsari

With the ever growing population in the city, the transport facilities in Navsari are trying to keep pace with the same. Currently it is the buses, rickshaws and the trains that are providing the services to the people. The closest airport to Navsari is the Surat airport which is 40 kilometers away from the city and many domestic flights operate from there.

Services are a necessity and not a luxury for the people. Today, it is possible to say that the people of Navsari are living a comfortable life owing to these services being close to their doorstep!
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